Shipbuilders of San Juan

We had the pleasure to visit the amazing little village of San Juan. Famous for its church and its two ship builders.

It was amazing to see the team of artisans at work repairing 3 or 4 boats, and building about 5. These are family businesses with their trade being passed down from father to son to grandson.

I love the guy shaping the Cyprus beam for the bow with a chainsaw.


These families of these shipbuilders helped to build the Church of San Juan Bautista de San Juan de Coquihuil. They used many of the same techniques to build the wooden church.

2018-01-26 20.11.24-1.jpeg
The Village of San Juan

2018-01-26 20.29.34-12018-01-26 20.15.22-1

The church was finished around 1887 and is one of the 16 traditional Chiloé wooden churches built in the 18th and 19th centuries that were declared as a World Heritage site under Churches of Chiloé‘s denomination[2] because of their unique form of wooden architecture known as the Chilota School of Religious Architecture on Wood.

3 thoughts on “Shipbuilders of San Juan

  1. Really enjoying following your adventures. The photos have brightened up a grey Sunday afternoon and your stories make our recent trip to Center Parcs quite dull – no penguins, just squirrels and pheasants! Looking forward to your next instalment and keep safe.
    Best Wishes Joy & John xxx


  2. Definitivamente los dos hacen ver, que uno a veces simplemente deja pasar la vida porque si , Guauu sorprendente lo que hacen , divina la técnica de las familias , enviamos saludos desde Colombia Emmanuel y Ángela


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