La Minga

Day 6: Quemchi

We visited the Museu of Francisco Coloane, a famous Chilean Poet and Author who wrote some great books about life in Patagonia at the turn of the century. The museum also explained a great Chilean tradition called the Minga.

La minga de tiradura de casas is an old Chiloé island custom which consists of moving houses by floating them along the water from one part of the archipelago to another, when the owner decides that he house should be in a different place.

They do this by tying them to a boat which pulls them over the water and then use a group of oxen to pull them to their destination.

To be able to do this, the help of neighbours and friends is required. The task needs to be carried out with the utmost care so that the wooden structure of the house is not damaged and in such a way that it reaches its destination in perfect condition. The guests goodwill and efforts are of utmost importance and the owner rewards them with food and drinks.
Its in french so you may not follow however I highly recommend that you watch this short documentary about the Minga of the Poets house.
Here are photos of the finished house.


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