Disaster Strikes

It looks pretty but the ripio (gravel roads ) are incredibly dangerous. Very loose with some big stones. Other than the main roads which are busy nearly all the roads so far are ripio. Add to that the occasional truck passing by and showing you with stones and dust, and its just a lot of fun (not).


Unfortunately Janet was having a bad day, after our big lunch at the Penguin Bay, and was struggling with the Ripio. The road was 25km of constant ups and downs, and she was just exhausted. Finally trying to move out of the way of a pickup truck, she lost her balance and had a big tumble.

A couple of guys passing by in their pickup cme to the rescue. They picked us up, threw our bikes in the back, and then drove us an hour out of their way to the hospital in Ancud.

I must admit I was a bit worried, but the hospital staff were excellent. Within an hour we had seen the doctor, had xrays and were on our way with good news. Nothing was broken.

This accident changed the plans for a few days and perhaps more. So next day we jumped on a bus to Castro where we will have to rest for a while and let janet heal.

2018-01-24 21.02.01.jpg

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